AEG BPE642020M SenseCook Single Built In Electric Oven

Updated: Jun 6, 2020


Product Dimensions (HxWxD) (mm)

594 x 595 x 567

Product Dimensions

niche requirements (HxWxD) (mm) - 590 x 560 x 550


Employ a hands-on kitchen assistant in your home by acquiring the AEG BPE642020M Single Built In Electric Oven.

The guesswork of creating the perfect dishes is made a thing of the past by this appliance, which contains its own food sensor.

The probe works most effectively when inserted into a fresh piece of meat, with pinpoint precision so any meal is cooked to order.

The oven heat and temperature of the contents - as decreed by the sensor - are clearly displayed on the LCD touch control panel.

Several modes can be used to perfect culinary tasks including conventional, fan-assisted and true fan roasting and baking, plus two grill modes.

Top and bottom heating elements make up conventional cooking, for baking and roasting in one position. Base heat provides a crispy under-side.

True fan cooking introduces air that becomes hot, when the heat wraps around the fan, and blows all around the cavity for baking on all three levels.

Moist fan baking is the ideal environment for sponges and puff pastry by holding any remaining water inside the ingredients, creating light and fluffy end results.

Baking bread and browning pizza is also made easy by specialised settings, with another taking frozen foods into account.

Keep warm and slow cooking options are also present, with a defrost setting that uses cold air only to speed up the process.

There's a standard and turbo grill which, between them, effortlessly sear bacon and sausages with the latter more suitable for larger meats and poultry.

Pyrolytic cleaning takes care of the maintenance inside the oven, by using heat of up to 300 degrees to turn food residue and grease into ash.

This can be easily be brushed away afterwards, with grey enamel cavity coating catching most of the grease to begin with. The stainless steel exterior is also anti-fingerprint.

A usable capacity of 71 litres is above average for a single oven and this product is A+ rated for energy efficiency, so economical when in operation.

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