Marble is a natural stone which means that every slab is different. It's a beautiful product but it is fairly porous meaning that we advise against using it in a kitchen as even as little as a mug of coffee or a glass of wine could leave a stain, however some people do enjoy this aging process of marble and therefore, for them, it is a great addition to a kitchen. For those who prefer to steer away from this, Marble would be an amazing choice for wall cladding, bath & shower surrounds, bathroom floors, fireplace surrounds, and much more.

Since Marble is a unique product, it is best to view the exact slabs available before making a choice. To view the slabs online, please CLICK HERE and you will be redirected to the current marble stock of one of our biggest suppliers of Marble called MGLW.

Prefer to see it in person? Just give us a call and we can arrange a visit to MGLW so that you can choose the right stone for you.