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Luxurious Kitchen

Welcome to Parker Interior

Who we are?

Parker Interior is a company which proves that a bespoke and luxurious kitchen, bathroom, walk-in wardrobe, in-home library, does not have to be that expensive and can be made affordable to all budgets.

Have you ever dreamt of a bespoke finish in any of your rooms in your home? Have you realised that not many companies offer this service? Once you have found a company that offers this have you realised that it goes well over your budget? If you answered any of those questions above with a yes then Parker Interior is the right company for you. 

With our many years of bespoke interiors experience (All our designers have over 10 years of bespoke interior experience) and our 5 star service we are with you every step of the way. From Design to Finish, we will project manage for you.